Hi there!  Thanks for reading and taking interest in this site!

IMG_0006My name is Gustavo Boregio, I’m a 32-year old Brazilian living in Argentina and recently married to a beautiful and lovely wife.  I left Brazil at age 12 to live in the Cayman Islands due to my father’s job, then on to the US and finally to Argentina where I grew some roots.  I’ve lived in 14 houses and studied at 8 different schools which makes me quite used to changes.

I’m an Electronic Engineer and recently finished a MBA.  I took a special interest in social media usage for small and medium B2B companies and developed my thesis on this subject.  The 100+ page final thesis and over a year of preparation to make it really helped me understand and take even more interest on how social media is changing the world works, and how this applies not only to our personal lives but also to all sizes and types of businesses.

I’ve just changed jobs and have started at an Argentinean company specialised in mission-critical radio communications solutions and 9-1-1 emergency systems.  My new role as Commercial Manager includes expanding the company’s portfolio and customer base and creating a  successful and respected online presence to help position the company and drive more business.  You can take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information.

The aim of this blog is to document the experiences I learned during my MBA thesis and the ones I will learn while implementing these strategies at my work.  I hope you find the content useful and please feel free to get in touch with me through the comments, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Talk to you soon!